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男性 30代 東京都 Meguro-Ku

言語: 英会話 

日本語レベル: 少し話せる

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A mind when stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.

I have been teaching English for 4 years. I came to Tokyo in 2014 and really enjoy the lifestyle Japan has to offer. I graduated University and started working in London in 2009.

I currently teach one-to-one lessons and company group lessons. In the past I have also worked with university students who was studying for TOEIC exams, for when applying to study overseas in the UK and for MBA courses.

My teaching style is based on your needs, requests and learning style. You can choose to use a textbook, news articles or use online resources for our lessons. We can then work through them together and afterwards discuss any points you are still unsure about.

I also do really like to help with daily conversation for business trips to overseas offices. If you have to prepare an English presentation or have an important email to write, then allow me to provide you with some professional guidelines.

Previous students wanted to travel around the UK and so for this type of lesson, we were focusing on situational English. To make the trip more fun and enhance the chance of speaking with the local people.

Like many things in life, the fit of the human element between student and teacher is of the utmost importance. Like hand to glove, it needs to fit. For the student to get the best results from the lesson time. Therefore I suggest a trial lesson to cut to the chase and see if my service is best for you.




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