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What is TEACHER7 ?

About Teacher7

Find a language learner who is seeking a teacher in Japan. Teacher7 provides a service which matches language teachers with prospective students for any language all through a user friendly lesson reservation system. When you register as a teacher, you can search for students who meet your conditions.


Benefits Teacher7

You can use Reservation system

Teacher7 is a leading provider of free reservation system for language teachers. You can register your classes under your conditions. Students find your registered classes by browsing or searching. It is easy to recruit new students for free!

Website costs is zero

Teacher7 provides you with your own web site which supports your lessons for free. Besides being able to update at anytime, you are also able to receive new bookings from prospective students.

Find your Language Exchange partner

Teacher7 can introduce language exchange partners for you who want to learn and speak Japanese for free. It's fun and you can make new Japanese friends from different cultures. You can learn slang and colloquial expressions you don't usually learn in language classes for free!

Free reservation

Teacher7 is an online lesson reservation system and student management system for language teachers. You can gather students for either private or group lessons. It is your choice! and it is free! Now, you can take a break from maintaining reservations in clumsy diaries and now can handle reservations proficiently with ease.

Free contact

If students see your profile and contact you, please reply to them. There is no contact fee charged to you when you reach an agreement. You can use our service for free.

All tuition is yours!

Language schools which take as much as 50% of your hard-earned tuition. They do not allow you to teach "their" students outside of their system. But Teacher7 allows complete freedom.

Lesson reservation function and Exchange e-mail addess

You can use lesson reservation system and exchange email address system for free!

Monthly fee FREE
Number of classes teachers can register Unlimited lessons
Exchange email addresses Unlimited students
Class rate You receive your tuition directly from your students

You can make a lesson introduction page with a reservation function.

You can make a lesson introduction page with a reservation function. With Teacher7 lesson reservation function, it will become much easier for students to take part in the lessons that you have organised.

Registered teachers are able to set the lesson time, venue, maximum class number as well as the class fee for every student. With these new settings, you will now be able to accept reservation requests from suitable candidate students who are interested in signing up. Our service is absolutely free !

Teacher7 can recommend your classes to students

Students enter their own terms, and search for language classes. Teacher7 can recommend a class to students from their conditions such by a language, a date by time, and by rate. If your condition matches their condition, we can introduce!

Students can find your class that you have registered from a map

Students can find your class that you have registered from a map. By this function, the student can look for a class near their home or near their office.

Students can apply for lessons your registered from Teacher7

Students can ask any questions related to the your class beforehand. And they can apply for your lessons from Teacher7.


To take advantage of this functionality and many other features you must first sign in using your Facebook or Teacher7 ID.


To take advantage of this functionality, you must first sign in using your Facebook.